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GERMANUS Humidor Humidifier Metal Cassette XL Gold with Crystals

GERMANUS Humidor Humidifier Metal Cassette XL Gold with Crystals

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GERMANUS humidor humidifier metal cassette

GERMANUS humidor humidifier in cuboid design in premium quality, with multilingual instructions with magnetic holder. The model is especially high quality processed with screwing.

Colour gold

We recommend to charge one humidifier each for up to approx. 100 cigar humidor volumes. The humidifier is accompanied by a multilingual manual. Dimensions: about 15.50 cm long x 7.30 x 1.50 cm

Note on the amount of crystals: Our GERMANUS crystals swell by a factor of several hundred. In the humidifier is properly included only a smaller amount of crystals than some new users may imagine at first glance: More humidifier crystals would break off the lid or swell through the grid. The limitation of the quantity is therefore a necessity.

Note on watering the humidifier: The humidifier is accompanied by a multilingual manual. The use is almost self-explanatory, yet some users are initially asking questions. If the humidifier does not absorb liquid, there is no malfunction behind it, but usually a user error, which is easy to explain and avoid. If a humidor does not reach the target values, this explanatory approach is also a possible solution.

Just put it in distilled water for a few minutes. 15 minutes should be enough. Alternatively, you can use a syringe to dispense water at the slots. Due to the osmotic forces, it is possible that the water does not otherwise reach the interior due to the internal pressure. Physically, the same phenomenon is behind it, which makes the function of a diving bell possible. The vacuum can not escape due to the back pressure of the water. Depending on the density of the liquid, this may occur more or less frequently even in humidifier boxes. Once moistened, this should not be a problem anymore.

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