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RACHING HUMIDOR Cigar Cabinet Electronic Humidor MON Series - MON3800A Premium Canada Cedar Trays(1500 cigars) - GOLD

RACHING HUMIDOR Cigar Cabinet Electronic Humidor MON Series - MON3800A Premium Canada Cedar Trays(1500 cigars) - GOLD

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EXQUISITE WORKMANSHIP: 100% Wood frame with upscale piano black finish. Premium Canada cedar wood trays. Not only a cabinet but also a decor for your cigar room, combination of modern and classical. 

CIGAR STORE&AGING: The cabinet has built-in humidity, fan cooling, PTC Heating & dehumidify system which contributes a constant temperature and humidity environment to keep your cigar at the best status. Perfect for store and aging your cigar.

EASY CONTROL: Simply set the number you want on panel, the cabinet will be monitoring and keep the inside temperature and humidity smoothly.

BEST TEMPERATURE RANGE: 60-71°F (16-22°C) ; Best Humidity: 60-75% . Keep your cigar away from damp.

NO CONDENSED WATER: 100%wood liner, better moisture absorption and moisturizing effect, and can effectively adjust the humidity inside of the cabinet. No condensed water like metal liner, nor odor like ABS/plastic liner.

DIMENSION: 600(W)*610(D)*820(H )mm; Capacity: 380L; Cigar Storage: 1500

Thermo-hygrostat System
To hold the temperature and humidity that perfect to store&aging your cigar, we have build-in 5 systems in the cabinet.
1: First is the wet film humidifier to draw and vaporize water to the air.
2: Second is the compressor to dehumidify.
3: 3: Third is the water cooling system.
4: Forth is the PTC heating system, to heat up the cabinet in cold weather.
5: Fifth is the control system. With the help of temperature & humidity sensor, the control system can hold the temperature and humidity dynamically.

Ammonia Removal
Remove 93.7% ammonia odor for fresh cigar, aging for better taste. The only design all over the world to store your cigar better.

Three Zone for different purpose.
*The topper is for single and new cigar to spray bad odors out.
*The middle is for box of cigar to aging.
*The lower is for waking-up cigar. Heat up and ready to smoke.

Major Appliance or Costly Furniture?
Exquisite workmanship wood frame with Piano Paint Finish. This is not only a nice appliance but also a home decoration to highlight your classical and elegant taste.

Other Specification
Cigar Storage: 1200+ ;
Capacity: 370L;
Temperature Range: 60-71°F (16-22°C)
Humidity Range: 60-75%
Power: 120W
Compressor : USA Embraco
Door Materials: Hollow low-E double glass


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