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Lotus GT Twin Pinpoint Torch Cigar lighter L73 Dual - Flush Lighter - Black

Lotus GT Twin Pinpoint Torch Cigar lighter L73 Dual - Flush Lighter - Black

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Introducing the Lotus GT Twin Pinpoint Torch Lighter, a perfect blend of high performance, cutting-edge design, and superior durability that’s destined to enhance your cigar smoking sessions.  The Lotus GT Torch Lighter comes equipped with twin pinpoint torch flames, offering a robust, accurate, and evenly distributed flame that effortlessly lights a wide variety of cigar types and sizes. This feature ensures a perfect burn every time, promising an outstanding smoking experience.

Wind resistance is a crucial factor when it comes to outdoor cigar smoking, and this lighter doesn’t disappoint. Regardless of where you choose to enjoy your smoke, this lighter’s strong flame ensures consistent performance, even in breezy conditions.  The larger flame adjuster allows for easy flame control, ensuring that you can adjust the flame’s size to cater to your preferences, the size of your cigar, or the prevailing conditions.

Monitoring your lighter’s fuel level becomes a breeze with the Lotus GT Twin Pinpoint Torch Lighter, thanks to the two-sided fuel level window. With just a glance, you can gauge when it’s time to refill, ensuring that you’re never caught off guard. This lighter’s all-metal housing guarantees longevity and robustness, promising years of reliable use. The metal housing further enhances the lighter’s stylish and elegant aesthetics.

Essential details:

  • LOTUS multifunctional two-flush lighter
  • Material: zinc alloy + stainless steel
  • Accessory function: single-blade flat scissors
  • Specifications: 30 blue/20 red/40 gun black/00 black/10 silver
  • Package size: 105x85x30mm,
  • gross weight: 185g
  • product Size: 75x35x15mm,.
  •  Net weight: 125g
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