Everything You Need to Know About Boveda Holder for a Cigar

Everything You Need to Know About Boveda Holder for a Cigar

Boveda uses its unique two-way humidity management to operate automatically and safeguard various things, including food, wood instruments, hemp, cannabis, and cigars. To attain and maintain a constant relative humidity (RH) written on the exterior pack, Boveda uses only pure water and natural salts in a leakproof membrane. Boveda can be used directly for food, hemp, cigars, and cannabis without violating FDA regulations. Kind of cool. However, how can you determine which RH level—or how many packs—is appropriate for your needs? How long does Boveda last, and how can you tell whether it needs to be thrown out? To find the answers to all your queries regarding using a Boveda holder for a cigar to safeguard your valuable instrument, cigar collection, or cannabis stash, continue reading.

How to Use Boveda with Cigars

You can put a Boveda holder for a cigar in your humidor, directly on top of or beneath your cigars, or under trays or shelves. Size 60 packs can also be attached directly to a humidor's lid, shelf, or side using a Boveda Holder, which comes in aluminum and wood finishes. You can also use a Boveda Mounting Plate to mount a Size 320 inside your humidor.

How to use Boveda for Cannabis and Hemp?

Applying Boveda straight to an airtight jar, tote, bag, or package is one way to utilize it for cannabis and hemp.

How to use Boveda for Wood Instruments

Using Boveda for wood instruments is as simple as placing it in the bag or pouches within the special Boveda cloth container. Then, when you close the case, place the holder in a spot where there won't be any pressure. Close the instrument case. The non-leaking holder permits only pure water vapor in and out while adding an extra defense against an unlucky knock or sharp object. Before putting Boveda into an instrument case, ensure it is inserted into a pouch of a Boveda fabric holder.

Boveda Holder Positions

Boveda holder for a cigar can be added straight into an airtight jar, bag, or container with other items like popcorn, dried herbs, spices, and brown sugar.

Replacing Boveda Cigar Holder

When it's time to replace your Boveda, a quick touch test will inform you: that Boveda is soft when brand-new. Ordering replacements is necessary as soon as you start to feel hard places. Make sure to replace the packs as quickly as Boveda solidifies completely.  

Prevent the Cigar

  • Place the pack inside your depleted humidor to increase the moisture content of the wood. This prevents the wood from stealing your cigars' moisture.
  • For every 25 cigars your humidor can contain, use one Boveda size 60 pack.
  • Put your cigars in a plastic bag with one size 60 Boveda 69% RH pack for every 25 cigars if they require a temporary home while you season your humidor.


Every pack has a membrane containing a salt and water mixture that lets vapor come in and go out, absorbing and releasing moisture as needed. A Boveda holder for a cigar will last 6–9 months in an airtight humidor but roughly 2-4 months in a wooden humidor. A pack has to be replaced if it feels dry and has few soft places. Try replacing the pack sooner the next time if it's totally hard; if not, it's expired.

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