Tips for Choosing the Right Cigar Holder

Tips for Choosing the Right Cigar Holder

Boutique cigars turn an ordinary smoke into an elegant, one-of-a-kind experience. Cigar fans worldwide love the routine of choosing the ideal cigar and then enjoying it with a nice beverage and company. Selecting a cigar that “elevates” your individual smoking experience might be incredibly intimidating if you're just starting. The following tips will help you to choose a Boveda holder for a cigar.

Things to Take Into Account When Selecting the Ideal Cigar Holder

Different points need to be considered while buying a Boveda holder for a cigar.

Examine the Cigar Holder’s Appearance

Examining the seams is the first thing you should do when inspecting a quality cigar. Finding the beginning point is the first step in locating the second and third seams, as a proficient roller will only utilize three seams. Cigars having more than three seams should be avoided since they may be the product of a novice or phony roller.

Next, check the cigar's cap to make sure the adhesive has been applied evenly and without creating any flaws. Examine the cigar for any evidence of fraying or disintegration near the foot, and look for any discoloration on the wrapper. Examine the cigar for a brilliant, shining sheen and make sure it is free of mold, as this could be a sign of improper storing methods. Lastly, make sure the cigar has been firmly rolled and has very few veins; these characteristics indicate a well-made cigar.

Look Over the Cigar Holder’s Body

A cigar's overall strength and flavor are referred to as its body. There are three basic body types of cigars: full-bodied, medium-bodied, and mild-bodied.

  • Full-bodied cigars tend to be stronger, more flavorful, and contain more nicotine. Those with expertise in smoking who can tolerate the cigar's intensity typically smoke these.
  • For individuals who want a cigar with a decent balance of flavor and strength, medium-bodied cigars are a suitable choice. For people who have never smoked a cigar before, they are perfect.
  • With a milder flavor profile and less nicotine, mild-bodied cigars are the lightest and mildest alternative. 

Measure the Cigar’s Size

It is significant to note that a cigar's size has no bearing on its strength or flavor; rather, it is determined by the cigar's length and diameter, or "ring gauge." There is a wide range of sizes available for cigars: from small 4 1/2-inch "petit coronas" with a ring gauge of 40 to 42 to enormous 7-inch "Churchills" with a ring gauge of 47. An individual's entire smoking experience may be impacted by the cigar's size. For those who prefer to take their time and savor the cigar, larger cigars typically have longer smoking times. For people who want to smoke for shorter periods or for those who are new to smoking and would like to test a smaller cigar before going to larger sizes, smaller cigars are perfect. Generally speaking, it's preferable to select a cigar size that is both comfortable in your hand and allows you to smoke it for the entire cigar.

Observe the Cigar's Shape

Cigars can be divided into numerous shapes, such as figured, parejo, torpedo, and bellicose. The flavor profile and smoking experience of a cigar can both be influenced by its form. In general, you should select a form that is easy to hold in your palm and that you can easily smoke the entire cigar.

  • Parejo cigars are the most popular kind of cigar and feature a straight form. To give you something to draw on, one end of it is open, and the other needs to be clipped.
  • Cigar producers often describe torpedo cigars as a pyramid with a sharper tip.
  • The head of a Belicoso cigar is rounded.
  • Figurado cigars might be harder to smoke because of their asymmetrical form.


The Boveda holder for a cigar that best meets your tastes and enhances your smoking experience is the optimum choice, regardless of expertise level. When selecting the ideal cigar, remember the previously listed characteristics, and don't be scared to sample a variety of cigars. Once you've made up your mind, matching your cigar of choice to certain beverages and events will be simpler. 

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