What Are the Benefits of Using a Cigar Lighter?

What Are the Benefits of Using a Cigar Lighter?

The lighter of a person can reveal a great deal about them. The smoker is more serious the more stylized they are. Everything about cigars is about quality and style. With lighters, the same holds. Cigar lighters have many advantages in terms of functionality and design.

Yes, you may think your graphic lighter is so hip, but if you smoke cigars regularly, you'll understand what we mean. It's frustrating to discover your lighter is dead when you're finally ready to settle down and smoke. 

Ways to Use a Ciagr by Using Cigar Lighter

By using the cigar lighter properly, you can maximize the usage of cigars.

Select your Handcrafted Cigar

There are many different sizes, shapes, and strength profiles available for cigars. Select your favorite cigar by visualizing yourself enjoying one. Select a form and size that are comfortable for your mouth and hands. Not too large or little. Try to sniff the cigar foot beforehand to determine whether you like the scent; if so, you'll probably like it.

Slice the Cigar

Cut off no more than 1/4 of the cigar's head to begin with. See how to cut a cigar for more assistance if you need it.

Choose your Lighter

The use of an unscented flame is essential. Stovetops and candles are illegal because they taint the flavor of your smoke. To light a cigar properly, use hardwood matches or butane lighters.

Start the Cigar

Put your foot over the lighter to preheat your cigar. Rotate the cigar carefully, being careful not to let it come into contact with the flame. Your cigar is ready when the edges have a thin black coating. At that point, you can bring it to your lips and take a whiff. Once your cigar is in your mouth, turn it carefully to guarantee an equal burn. To accomplish this, hold the cigar toward the lighter at a 30-degree angle and slowly rotate it. Breathe in gently, taking care not to breathe in any smoke.

Remain Calm and Settle in

You can now savor the mouthwatering flavors that your preferred cigar has to offer. Recall that you should smoke a cigar gently and with genuine enjoyment. Aim for one puff around per minute. Embrace a beautiful view and the company of close friends.


To fully savor the moment, always make sure your cigar is evenly burned after lighting it. Don't worry if it's not even. To guarantee a uniform burn, turn the lighter one more time. Additionally, to ensure that your glow is uniform, blow a little on your cigar if you are unsure.

Because pro-tip cigar lighters are quick and simple to use, especially in windy situations, they are typically the preferred option among enthusiasts. They are available with one flame or four flames. You want more flames the larger the cigar's ring gauge.

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