How to Choose the Right Cigar Shop in Dubai?

How to Choose the Right Cigar Shop in Dubai?

The best cigars and cigar shops may be found in Dubai, which is renowned worldwide as a luxurious travel destination. Locating a premier cigar shop in Dubai, United Arab Emirates that satisfies your expectations can be difficult with so many options. Here are some tips that will help you to locate a cigar shop in Dubai.

Ways to Find the Right Cigar Shop in Dubai

Consult with Local Cigar Experts for Suggestions

Asking Dubai cigar enthusiasts for store recommendations is a great place to start your search. Make connections with local cigar fans online through forums or social media groups. Tell them what you're searching for—a large range of humidors, a smoking area, unusual goods, anything in particular that matters to you—and find out which cigar shops they recommend. Their first-hand knowledge can help them quickly reduce the number of possibilities.

Look up Online Ratings and Reviews

In addition to firsthand advice, take some time to look up internet ratings and reviews for cigar shops in Dubai. Consider elements such as value, pricing, availability, cigar variety, and customer service. Make a list of stores that seem like good places to visit and see which ones get good reviews. You won't get genuine information from a store's website like this. 

Examine the Store's Accreditations

To offer genuine, premium cigars, Dubai cigar dealers must possess the necessary education and accreditations. Verify if a store has an authentic Certified Retail Tobacconist (CRT) credential from the graduate curriculum at Tobacconist University before you visit.

This knowledge guarantees the perfect handling of fragile cigars, boosting flavors and your pleasure.

Inquire About Humidity and Storage

Make sure to enquire about the humidor's methods of cigar storage and whether or not the humidity is carefully controlled. 70% humidity and 68–72°F temperatures avoid the dryness that degrades cigars.

Reliable top cigar shops in Dubai will keep an eye on things every day and have backup plans in place to keep everything in tip-top shape even in the event of a power outage.

Pricey cigars may become unfit for smoking due to mold growth and damage caused by unsuitable conditions. Also, take a look at our most recent piece about online cigar stores in Dubai.

Examine Prices

It is not accurate to assume that one retailer offers the greatest prices overall. Make sure you do your research and check internet costs for the best brands and specialty cigars you like.

When making frequent purchases, customers can save a lot of money by taking into account other aspects like taxes and searching for stores that are offering loyalty programs or specials. Think about the entire cost of the cigars you want.


It takes effort up front through comparison shopping and research to find a great cigar retailer. Finding the best source for cigar shops in Dubai can be made easier by focusing on differentiators like value, customer service, and appropriate storage conditions, as numerous stores are offering premium brands. Go and search for a good option.

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